About Snow Hill UMC

2030 Snow Hill Church Road

Danbury, North Carolina  27016

(336) 593-3362

Snow Hill United Methodist Church is located in north central Stokes County near the Lawsonville, NC.  Records show that on July 31, 1894 Emeline Smith Hill “Grannyhill” deeded one acre to the Presbyterians, who built the first church.  By being located between Big Snow Creek and Little Snow Creek taking Snow from the creek and Hill from “Grannyhill” the church was named Snow Hill.

After several years the Methodists, through the interest of Rev. C. A. Wall, began to use the church.  It was bought and deeded to them in September of 1912.  This church has not only been a spiritual heaven, but also a constant source of help, comfort, and inspiration of untold value to the people of the Snow Hill Community.

Rev. Cynthia Spicer was assigned to Snow Hill UMC in July 2018.  She can be reached by phone at the church number above or by email cspicer@wnccumc.net

Who we are as United Methodists

What is the Basis for our Faith as United Methodists

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