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Can you touch a prayer?  Can you pull it close and feel its comfort?  You can if it’s part of a Prayer Quilt from Prayers and Squares, the Prayer Quilt Ministry. It’s a simple idea with powerful results, but our Prayer Quilts are more than just a colorful comforting blanket.  The warmth they bring comes from the prayers that are tied into each knot.

What is a Prayer Quilt?  This type of quilt is a “lap” quilt , laced with heavy thread.  These laces, or threads, are tied with a square knot by members of the congregation or by members of a prayer group.  As each knot is tied, a silent prayer is offered for someone in special need.  This quilt is a gift of love and  prayer.  It is a statement of our faith in God and our belief in his power to comfort, strengthen, and heal.  The strings are left so people can contribute to tie knots and say a prayer for the recipient.

Who are quilt recipients?  Quilts have been made for sick babies, cancer patients, adults facing surgery, and those facing many other crises in the Snow Hill / Danbury / Lawsonville / Sandy Ridge areas.

How do you decide who gets a quilt?  We don’t decide that someone needs a quilt.  We only make quilts when someone has specifically asked us to pray for someone.

Who makes the quilts?  Anyone who wants to!  You do not need to know how to sew.  Remember, the purpose is to provide prayers through the tying of the knots.  A quilt, no matter how simple, is a gift from the heart.

How did Prayers and Squares get started?  A few ladies started an informal quilting group in 1992 at Hope United Methodist Church in Ranch Bernardo, California, with no other purpose than to have fun making quilts together. Then, a group member’s 2-year-old grandson ended up in a coma following heart surgery. His doctors were very pessimistic about Kody’s chances for recovery. The ladies decided to make a quilt in vivid primary colors. There was no time to quilt it, so it was tied with perle cotton thread as silent prayers were said for Kody. “There must be a prayer tied in with each knot” someone remarked. The group’s first prayer quilt was rushed to the hospital that night.

During Kody’s long hospital stay in 1992, the parents of other children were asking where they could get prayer quilts for their sick little ones. The quilting ladies realized they had more work to do! In order to involve as many people as possible in the prayer process, they began to bring the quilts to Sunday services and invited the entire congregation to participate in praying and tying the knots. As a result, more prayer quilt requests came in. What had begun as a small project had grown into an active outreach Ministry at Hope UMC.

Snow Hill United Methodist Church registered with Prayers and Squares International as Chapter 791.

Is this the ministry for you?  All are welcome whether a quilter or not. If you would like to become a member of a group of people, who enjoy serving other people, please come and join our wonderful ministry.  If you do not know how to sew or quilt, we will teach you, or you could begin by putting strings in the quilts.  It’s a wonderful time of fellowship and helping others at the same time.  God gave us talents, and we feel so blessed that we are using ours to His Glory.  We give all praise and honor to our Lord for all the gifts and blessing we receive.  These quilts give so much comfort and joy to those who receive them, and also to those who make them.

For further information on Prayers and Squares, to make a donation, please contact:

 Snow Hill United Methodist Church (336) 593-8358


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