Snow Hill Men

The men of Snow Hill meet for breakfast before church at 8:00 am on the third Sunday of the month. Come join the fun as they organize the next mission or event.

Please check the church calendar to ensure there has not been a schedule change for a particular month.

Building Together

The men of Snow Hill have lots of experience now building ramps for people in our community  needing assistance to get into/out of their home. Many times this requires a quick response.

Not only are they helping our neighbors, they really enjoy  bonding and building new friendships as they sweat, design, discuss options, and finally see the finished project!

Measure Twice, Cut Once
And then it all comes together!

If you don’t have the knowledge or the tools, don’t worry.  They are ready to teach and share.  Come join them on the next build!  The builds are usually announced in the Sunday worship service.