First Time?

It can be uncomfortable to visit a church for the first time. We hope a little information before you come will make your first visit easier.

Basic questions people ask:

  • What do I wear?  Lots of the people wear jeans and a casual shirt. Some people will be dressed up, maybe even a suit. Others may be in weather appropriate clothing such as shorts. Come as you are.
  • What do I do when I arrive?  Come in the front white double doors. There will be someone inside the door that will provide you with a “bulletin” which provides the order of what will happen and what you might be asked to do such as standing if the item is marked with “*”.
  • Where do I sit?  Find a seat anywhere. Yes, we are all creatures of habit but our members are always willing to move down the row or adjust just for you.
  • Childcare during service?  Many of our children stay in the service. Look for activity bags as you come in the church. Our pastor may invite the children up front for “children’s time”. If your child is shy, walk up with them. We don’t mind a little crying or talking either.  We are all God’s children.  If you would like child care, we do have a nursery behind the altar. Please let the person at the front door know of your interest and we will be sure the nursery has appropriate personnel.
  • Warning – “Passing of the Peace”  Just joking about the warning. Early in the service, the pastor will encourage everyone to “Pass the Peace of Christ”.  This is a time where everyone stands up, walks around, and greets each other sharing their love for Jesus with others. Don’t be alarmed when people come to you.  Just smile, shake a hand, and even accept a hug if you are so inclined.

Sunday school is not currently meeting due to Covid concerns.  When we do start up, there are several options and you are welcome to visit all of them to see where you are comfortable. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings if you “shop around”.  Find what works for you.

Worship currently begins at 10:00. Our service is traditional with hymns and piano/organ.  The choir wears robes (except in summer).  We do include some contemporary music and hymns sung to up to date tunes.  This time is focused on praising God, learning more about Him, and taking what we learn back into our world over the next week.