Our worship service is our time to come together to worship  God as a community.  It is both a sacred time and a time of celebration. Our style of worship would be considered “traditional” with hymns, a choir, responsive readings, and sermons following the “lectionary” (a three year program which covers the whole Bible).  We follow the Liturgical calendar including Lent (Preparation for Easter) and Advent (preparation for Christmas).

Special services vary, but a bulletin is provided to guide the participant through the service.  Some services include special singing, special prayer for the prayer quilt ministry, laying on of hands, or the occasional dramatic illustration of the message of the sermon. 

The altar is open for those that have the desire to pray.  Select members, including the pastor, are available to pray with you.  If you have questions about the service, please feel free to ask the pastor or other members.

We also have several annual celebrations. Click here to see some of our special events.